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Bochner Eye Institute specializes in PRK and LASIK vision correction.

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February 11, 2019

My optometrist referred me to Dr. Ray Stein to have my cataracts reviewed. The Bochner Staff is professional, warm and caring. Dr. Stein is someone who inspires confidence. I would highly recommend Dr. Stein and the Bochner Eye Institute Staff.
October 22, 2018

Impressed by all aspects of the care I received at Bochner. Dr Raymond Stein was kind, compassionate, and skilled in performing my LASIK. I have 20/20 vision in both eyes. Very grateful for choosing the Bochner Eye Institute!
October 5, 2018

I had my laser eye surgery done by Dr. Stein 16 years ago. I know everyone says they're terrified of eye surgery, and I was no exception. My eyes were bad. Really bad, like a minus 8 or 9. I knew what lousy vision was like, and how it could impact every facet of your life. I wanted to feel confident that the surgeon I chose would understand how important my eyes were to me, and who could allay my fear of ending up with worse vision than before. Dr. Stein and his staff took the time to make me comfortable with my decision. I never felt rushed or overwhelmed. Everyone at the clinic was knowledgeable, patient and efficient. The procedure itself was almost a letdown ! I was expecting so much more to happen. Instead, it was quick, painless and almost anticlimactic. The numbing drops really work ! I spent the rest of the day at home napping or listening to music. My eyes were a little scratchy the next day, but I was so busy showing off my new vision that I hardly noticed ! I had the surgery on a Thursday and I was back to work on Monday, no problem. Since then my new eyes have opened up the world for me. I scuba (because I can see the fish now) and I walk confidently into heated buildings in the wintertime, knowing my glasses won't fog up ! I'm also a sailor, and I'm the designated lookout for race markers during competitions. I've got the best eyes on the boat ! Thanks to Dr. Stein and his amazing staff. You have changed my life in ways I can't begin to describe.
October 2, 2018

I am a white male, 60+ years old. No major health issues, still working. In 2015, after several years of apprehension and procrastination I finally embarked on the journey to do something about my failing eye sight. After hearing others' personal referrals I got in queue at Herzig Eye Clinic here in Toronto in 2016. It wasn't long before I felt like I was just a number and being rushed through with more discussions about the money and various eye surgery plans. I felt my nervous apprehension was being ignored amidst several appointments. Answers to my questions felt rushed and obviously rehearsed. So I gave up.
Another year went by and the right eye was getting worse even with the progressive lens in my glasses. The left eye had experienced a 'micro-burst' of blood in early 2017 and left me with permanent black/grey floaters which to this day makes it difficult to see properly, especially when reading.
More research on my part (on-line and off) and I ended up selecting the Bochner Eye Institute. I contacted them and finally again got in queue with the help of my own eye Doctor.
The Bochner Institute near Varsity Stadium in Toronto. was also full, with countless patients whenever I was there, but it felt different this time. No questions I asked were brushed aside with a quick answer and I felt less like I was in some 'assembly line' environment. Oh! they were busy for sure, but a friendlier system of organization and process. Eventually, after months of waiting I had Cataract Surgery on the right eye by Dr. Raymond Stein in July 2018.
The plan was to place a superior quality lens in the eye. It would be for distance vision. I had decided to continue to wear my glasses. So the new lens would be clear on the top half and progressive reading on the bottom half. The left eye would be evaluated later on in the future for lens replacement as well.
Like others I took some time away from the office and worked at home. Eye drops, rest etc. all were done properly. However, I soon discovered that I could not see clearly in the distance with the new lens as promised. How was I going to drive or do my job properly! I was scared! The initial post-surgery appointments were done I contacted B.I. in a panic after I spoke to others around me who had successful Cataract operations and learned that they all could see very clearly within a couple of weeks if not days after their own surgeries.
I met with Dr. Raymond Stein again. The advice was to wait and let my Eye Doctor straighten the situation out with a new eye glasses prescription. (I didn't want contact lenses) Appointment was made with my own eye doctor (more waiting)
Oh! my gosh! when I went through that process I learned that my new 'eye lens' was not capable of complete distance vision and a new corrective progressive lens would have to be made for the right eye in my glasses. But wait! there was something else that suddenly became apparent...
My ability a seeing colours was different in each eye. The overhead office lights were a 'warm white' (kind of yellowish) when observed with just the left eye and 'Bright cool white' when observed with just the right eye. And while walking down the office hallways with their beige walls became an odd, unsettling experience. My brain was transmitting light yellow on the left and soft light beige on the right. Reading a document printed on white paper was ridiculous for me as the page or pages were two colours and became an every increasing contribution to feeling exhausted by mid-day.
I again contacted Bochner Institute and asked for an 'Urgent' meeting. I met with Dr. Raymond Stein, just before he was leaving for vacation. It was then that he explained to me that my eye lenses had slowly turned 'yellow' over the years. Similar to the plastic headlight lenses on a car. This had now become obvious since the left eye represented my actual age and the new lens in the right eye was similar to a '10 yr. old'.
Another surprise piece of information! What the heck was I supposed to do now? He said corrective eye glasses would be the direction to take with my own Eye Doctor. Possibly in the future I could pay to have the left eye operated on. He would be willing to 'fit me in' without a long wait.
At that point, I was wearing my original glasses with the right lens removed. The right eye could do nothing properly on its own. No distance or reading. My poor left eye was doing all the work with the old progressive existing eye glass lens remaining. Drug store reading glasses were bought and placed over my own glasses so I could read with the right eye a bit This was done to rest the left eye during my work day. However, the mid-day eye strain exhaustion remained and the whole situation continued almost unbearable. My brain was working hard to interpret the signals coming from my eyes. 'Left to Right and Right to Left' constantly changing depending on what I was trying to do. I could physically almost feel the strain throughout the day.
To spend money on a set of new glasses and then have to discard them after getting something done with the left eye and buying more new glasses to only yet again discard those after the right eye was corrected.
At this point, I am completely dishearten and lost with what to do. The Bochner Institute does not have me scheduled for any further consultations or appointments. A lot of money has been spent, a lot of time and effort put forth for a long period.
My work and leisure time has been severely impacted. I have no desire to participate in any activities anymore. Trips or vacation are not planned. My Wife feels my depression. I can't wait to get home to sleep or fall asleep while watching TV with her.
I didn't get the results that I was led to believe I would have after the cataract surgery. Because they have so many other patients, those with unsuccessful outcomes are just forgotten. I was recently told that the failure rate is about 1 in 500. So this is the 'Lottery' I won.
In a 'perfect world' I would want Bochner Institute to operate on my left eye for free and place the correct 'distant' lens in it. ( Obvious mistake in pre-op measurements for the right eye) Then that would relieve the expense I'll have for a new set of complete progressive lenses in my eye glasses. This hopefully would allow me to return to my 'previous' life with glasses, except now I would be able to see properly again.
Until that day comes if ever, may I suggest to others to be very careful when deciding to get eye operations done. Be sure you know completely what your getting into and if there are any 'guarantees' or warranty etc. to protect against failures of any kind.
For now I remain,
Depressingly Disappointed with Bochner Institute.
July 25, 2018

I had cataract surgery done by Dr Stein July 2018.
I am an RN and have a good idea of excellent care and although Dr's Clinic was very busy, the effeciency was of the best.
My eyes are now in excellent shape and no glasses!!
Can't get better than that. Many thanks to Dr. Stein and his staff.
Sita Moore RN
July 31, 2017

Dr. Stein and his group made this an excellent experience for me. Yes, they do perform a lot of procedures and you might feel as if you are just a number. I realized very quickly it's because the institute has such a high number of patients to accommodate, they have to streamlime to be efficient - but they have it all perfectly organized through each step. I had refractive lens exchange surgery - and I am amazed at the outstanding result. My wife, despite being near faint, decided to watch the procedure on a large TV screen in the recovery room (the patient's family member can go in). My wife made a point of remembering this. A nurse came by and watched the TV screen with her and calmly and confidently commented on how beautiful the procedure was. In that moment, my wife looked at it differently. It wasn't a fear- induced procedure anymore, but in fact a fascinating one. She knew I was in caoable hands. 10 minures later, Dr. Stein gave my wife the "thumbs up" through the window and that was it (for the first eye... I came back the next morning for the second eye). My sincere thanks and gratitude to Dr. Stein and his group. I highly recommend their clinic.
February 9, 2017

sales person did not give enough details about mono vision.
Sent me elsewhere for trial contacts to experience mono vision.
I had difficulty with mono vision and she only returned my calls outside the times I specified I could be reached. I tried to call her several times a day and always got her voice mail. I emailed her and she ignored my email. She finally responded six weeks later only after I emailed the office asking if there was someone else who could respond. She sent a long "canned" email which did not respond to my questions. Several times she said "just do it you won't regret it".
Too bad, because I was impressed with her initial presentation and I felt comfortable with the doctor.
That was over a year ago and have not yet had surgery. Unfortunately that experience "stopped me in my tracks" and I was exhausted from running around to get trial lenses & magnifying mirrors (which was never explained!) and leaving messages for the BOchner salesperson. Too bad because several friends and aquaintances are delighted with their Bochner results. Not sure why I received such shoddy treatment.
January 13, 2015

I started wearing glasses at age 7 and contact lenses from 13 years old until now, currently age 39 years old. My perscription before my surgery was -9.0 in both eyes. My optometrist had been suggesting Laser Eye Correction for at least 15 years and I knew eventually I would do it. This past year my contact lenses had been irritating me often so I decided it was time. My optometrist, whom I've been a patient of for at least 30 years, refered me to the Bochner Eye Institute. I went to the consultation and was told I was a candidate for PRK because my cornea was too thin and my perscription was very high.
My appointment was at 7:30am, January 9, 2015 in which the first hour or so were eye tests. I was given a Valium pill to help relax for the surgery. I also met with my surgeon, Dr. Raymond Stein, who is the grandson of Dr. Bochner. He intoduced himself and thanked me for coming in and examined my eyes before surgery. I was then sent to the basement where the surgery room was and my father, who accompanied me, was allowed to come. The surgery room had a glass wall so those sitting in the waiting room could see the surgeries taking place so I got my father to video tape it with my iphone. I lay down on the bed/chair and they stuck tape around my eyes and put eye drops 3 times to numb my eyes. I could see the whole time and was instructed to focus on a green dotted light that was in the middle of red dotted lights. I could see the rotary brush and feel it but no pain. I was told by the assistant nurses (there were 2) that the laser was coming and they were counting down the seconds left...20sec, 15sec, 10 sec, 5 sec, done. There was a slight burning odour. The surgery was at 9:15am and it took about fifteen minutes for both eyes. That was including prep time. I could see so much better after getting up from surgery and was able to read the clock on the wall. I was sent to the recovery room to rest for a few minutes then was examined by one of the staff and given a choice of a Maple Leafs Cap, a Raptors cap or a box of chocolates as a token of their appreciation. I chose the Raptors cap. I was sent home with my father with a goody bag of sunglasses, eye drops, and some oral meds for painkillers. My eyes were very light sensitive and after a couple of hours after the anaesthetic drops wore off, my eyes started burning and stinging, not unbearably but it was uncomfortable. I slept a lot the first two days just trying to rest my eyes. I preferred to be where there was minimal light so I was wearing my shades even indoors. I'm now on my 3rd day and the stinging and burning in my eyes is gone.
I drove my car today a short distance to get some gas and pick up a few groceries.
My vision isn't perfect yet but it's so wonderful waking up and being able to see the time on the clock and not having to reach for glasses or worry about putting in contact lenses.
I thank Dr. Raymond Stein and all the staff at the Bochner Institute for repairing my eyes. I only wish I had done this a long time ago.
June 2, 2014

Greatly appreciate the excellent care of Dr Raymond Stein and the staff at Bochner Eye. My LASIK procedure was easy to undergo and the results were excellent. I am glad I chose the Bochner Institute.
April 6, 2014

I was born with severe astigmatism and have worn thick glasses all my life. I was unable to tolerate contacts. Dr Raymond Stein and the staff were excellent! After 40 years of glasses, I now see clearly with my own eyes. Very impressed with my outcome and the experience.
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