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My optometrist referred me to Dr. Ray Stein to have my cataracts reviewed. The Bochner Staff is professional, warm and caring. Dr. Stein is someone who inspires confidence. I would highly recommend Dr. Stein and the Bochner Eye Institute Staff.
Bochner Eye Institute specializes in PRK and LASIK vision correction.
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I had SMILE recently done at the Herzig Clinic and I am beyond thrilled with my results. I can play sports and hike without the need of my glasses. My healing time was about 2 weeks. I have the occasional dryness but nothing competes to being glasses free. so liberating!!!!!!
Why settle for poor vision? It's time to see the difference.
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Be advised all you pay is just for one year, never think else. They don’t care what and how advertised their products! It’s scam.
Designer eyeglasses are Novus Optical’s specialty, with high-fashion frames from Chanel, Prada, and others lining the display cases. They’ll happily a... Read More >